CHEF SHAWN's Very Own Tumblr Food Blog ENJOY!

Hollllaaaa .... Chef Shawn here with a little foodie news.... We were under intense negotiations (don't believe that) for next seasons blogtalkradio's Food Fun Nation Radio. It was an easy decision . Will start recording them and live for the blogtalkradio peeps in Sept. (1st 3 Sundays every month until we record our usual 22 per season). Here are the seasons break down details.....22 episodes... 2 solo shows each... 12 episodes written and produced and hosted by the Chef... and 6 episodes written and produced and hosted by the Tech.. stay tuned "We Celebrate Food With You". "Food & Fun Is All We Are Cooking".. Our attitude is a laid back not serious fun food brand. We celebrate it with our own live blogtalkradioshow that turns into a listen when you want to podcast with 100's of listens, called Food Fun Nation (all episodes on this website)!. We also have fun with fast food, restaurants, those terrible bad unhealthy snacks that people pretend they don't eat (we admit it). Chef's medium to easy to very easy tried and tested, his own recipes most the time. Tips and tricks and kitchen hacks and fun food GIFS, rants, thoughts, top of the food chain items....Funny food pics and memes....what ever we find and worth the share in the food news, grocery store items, basically anything involving food with the occasional beverage talk... Thank you all for being part of the population of Food Nation. We can't wait to give you more of our laid back not too serious food fun brand. Trust us we are not food snobs but the Chef enjoys teaching you all hidden Chef's secrets/recipes and is willing to answer ANY question truthfully from cooking to recipes to menus to anything restaurant, just ask. you can also use the form below or via private message on our FB fan page! Team FFN See you all soon!


"We celebrate food with you"