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Hello I am Chef Shawn

     My Interest in cooking started off ​back in Marathon Highschool when my family moved therein grade 10, I was a dishwasher. I realized there was a food chain in the kitchen brigade and wanted to climb higher to the top so I was promoted to weekend breakfast cook.  After graduation I attended the Culinary Management where I won The Muriel Jenkins Culinary Award of Excellence as well a a bronze medal in a Thunder Bay Chef's Association Culinary Food Show.  I was being offered an Apprenticeship at The Royal York in Toronto after my work placement there, but I declined to go where home was, in Thunder Bay, and I lived here ever since. I graduated successfully earning my 2 year Culinary Management diploma. Then 1 month after graduating I started off on my knowledge journey and worked at a very busy well known roadhouse for a few years then moved on to work in a Cafe as Cook, Baker.  Then I found a more well known, busy fine dining Italian restaurant to sink my teeth in to learn from the best.  My apprenticeship was 6000 hours and I worked there for 4 years feeding people from the Joe public to well known sports stars to famous rock bands touring and everyone in between with Sous Chef duties. I finished off my apprenticeship with an old friend an old friend (Chef) that I worked with at the beginning of my career at a big local hotel and wrote my my Cook/Chef exam and passed the first time.  When getting back my test results I was presently surprised that not only was I successful in being certified in Ontario,that I had a high enough test score that I received my Interprovincial Red Seal Certification Cooks/Chefs papers (Showing Excellence in that trade).  This means that I am a certified Chef in Canada, just not limited to the Ontario papers.  I am not presently involved in the industry directly due to life circumstances, but I learn something new about cooking everyday.  I believe I have learned more now than when I was in the field.  My journey is always moving and in motion to get better. I also graduated my Social Service worker diploma from Confederation College.  We hope you are entertained and informed and have fun with our ever changing alive forum for foodie love.  Combined we have over 40 years of experience and insider point of view of how restaurants are really run.  I may not be an expert or food critic or claim to know it all, but I know I am your residential professional.

Hello I am Tech Rob

​     My passion for food started in the 80's growing up with limited groceries.  In high school my passion grew even more when I learned the students worked the cafeteria and not like you see in a comedy.  I learned all the basics and not to burn water.  My first paying job was through a work experience program in high school today known as co op.  I was making pizza's in the mall.  Not being serious about work but liked making money I found work in various kitchens.  At the same time going to college to be a service worker but having to take a preporation program first.  I figured I would never work in the kitchen industry.  I met Shawn a Culinary Management student with the same if not greater passion for food and we instantly became friends.  Taking me out of my comfort zone me wanting to learn what he was learning but still trying to keep my service worker plan didn't make sense.  When Shawn graduated and landed a job at the busy roadhouse restaraunt he got me a job as a dishwasher and I couldn't have been happier.  It wasn't cooking but I got to see how a real establishment works and it would be only a matter of time that I pay my dues.  I was in heaven doing dishes making money by the hour, when I got the chance to work on the line I struggled and begged to go back to dishes.  I did move up again to salads and was way more comfortable.  With Shawn moving forward and management change I was fearful I would be out of work and I wasn't ready.  As the establishment closed my son was born so I took this time to be a dad.  I got back to work again as a dishwasher for a franchise often helping the kitchen with orders.  Finally getting a chance to work with Shawn and my former boss I jumped at working in the hotel industry yes as a dish waher.  I never want to step on a foot, while working for the hotel I was not just a dishwasher I had prep duties and i got to handle food sometimes even had to carve for the public.  Always taking me out of my comfort zone the food industry serving a customer is awesome.  I worked with a lot of great people and learned from every one of them, some good things some bad.  I now currently in a fast food chain where it's so different than anywhere I worked before.  So when Chef Shawn asked me to join him in this adventure it was no hesitation I am in.