We will be going into the mind of one Chef, enter at your own risk. It will be discussions and thoughts of food news articles or the Chef could go off on a little rant that often others are thinking and not saying. He is the restaurant insider and the mind of a Chef is part mad man and part culinary expertise. He will tell it like it is with his own truths (opinions are like you know what and everyone has one, yes I know).  It's probably for the best that some of these things will get said since it will lower the old blood pressure and make him feel better.  Some Chef's are volatile creatures that need outlets to just let it go, and this is his. Buckle up it could be a bumpy ride at times. 

Carnival Fudge Making

by Chef shawn


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"We celebrate food with you"


Remember the good old generation xer days? (if your from that generation, if not ask one about it) To me it was all about getting through the school week to get to the weekend of R&R.  Yes looking back how we lived life as kids is a different time than today, like all other generations were.  I guess we had it pretty easy with our video games, arcades and driving my Mom crazy for some quarters, the late night bingo bowling.  And what a big deal it was back then to win a bottle of coke from that strike you made at the right time.  Yes I, like the rest of the world either enjoyed the big 2 fast food giants like Burger King or McDonalds. The smell of the Happy Meal box brings back a lot of food fun memories for this guy, and the toys, don't even get me started. I just had a flash back of when BK had magic toys in their kids meals, how cool was that? I miss the lemon flavoured cookies shaped like McD's characters in a box, the Mc DLT's and the deep fried not baked apple pies.  By about grade 5-6 I was moving on to the Big Macs, which my first one I ever had was bought for me by my brother in law Kevin. What an experience that was, I was hooked like most of the world.  He was kind enough at the time to bring his future little bro in law to be, for some fun and lunch.  I remember the stop we made at a local record/cassette tape store and he bought Billy Oceans Caribbean Queen lol. Yes I just outed him, or it still might be an ok respectable thing, not too sure you know 80's music. My favourite 80's song was and still is the Thompson Twins, Hold Me Now, looking back my picks are very questionable also lol.  I guess where I'm going with this is the food memories burnt into the cults of the advertising companies trying to get in our minds and brain wash us all like zombies needing brains.  Well I was one that had to follow the leader guy of those cults and get lost in the magical moments of my time. Saturday morning cartoons in your pjs while eating your favourite, too much sugar or give you immediate diabetes for eating it. (Mine was Cap n Crunch).  Speaking of Cap N Crunch, I just found out a while back I was lied too, his stripes on his uniform says he's an admiral, which is mind blowing to me lol. Eating my first favourite chocolate bar (or candy bar in Minnesota) the one the only delicious, crispy, chewy, caramel laced peanut butter miniature rice crisp bar from the junk food gods called the Whatchamacallit, while watching Rocky & Bullwinkle on tv at the Minnesota's hotel lodge's room.  I had my first one on a trip in the winter time across the border to Grand Portage, Minnesota at the hotel lodge.  My first ever all you can eat buffet was placed in that lodge's outer lobby right in the entrance to the lodges Lake Superior lakeside dinning room. I can still see the Chef in his tall hat and his carving knife in hand and the wonderful smells coming up to the second floor balcony, while standing near the hotels pool door looking down. I was totally captivated by it all. Where you could see the beautiful lake and maybe a little wild life right there like dinner theatre au natureal. That is also where I got to experience the wild blueberry pancakes or wild rice pancakes for the first time.  It was mind blowing to me as a kid and my new discovery of the wild, amazing, limitless food  people can experience with a a smile on your face looking back at the fun food times.  I have another independent FB group you can go like by going up to the top of this page on the right and clicking the button to get you there directly called Retro Food Flashback which celebrates all the warm fuzzy food fun commercials, food ads and past products and current products from the past that are still with us. Now my Saturdays consists of recreating some of the lazy laid back food fun feels I had with my own daughter the last 14 and a half years.  In a way I guess it can be looked at as a little selfish so I can relive my food child hood memories and create new ones with her by cooking things I never got to growing up. With the once in a while my Mom's or Nan's recipes making the menu rotations. In the end, to relive the past all we have is memories and I'm ok with that.  It is a good place to be, food does that thing for me, bringing me back to that exact time if I just close my eyes, be in that comforting moment and remember all that was good with the world and my life as a child.  Well I guess I just hand delivered what I promised on this first article with random thoughts from the mind of a Chef. Hope this inspired you all in one way or another and you do something to honour your past and recreate some of them to share with your loved ones. Hope you enjoy some of the YouTube videos I'll be using to bring back some of those feel good memories for you. No I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS MUSIC OR VIDEOS, I'm just sharing it with the world.  Common I found the BK magic toy commercial, this is food fun stuff.  Celebrate life with food! Chef

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