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CBO Jan 2/16
Every so often something is created that is so bold, it’s sure to become legendary. With its delicious combination of crispy chicken, hickory smoked bacon, crunchy onions and a creamy pepper sauce on a soft onion bun, the CBO is proof that legends are made, not born.

My ACTUAL Product Purchased Pics


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"We celebrate food with you"


Angry Tendercrisp® Jan 8/16

Back for a limited time, our ANGRY TENDERCRISP® sandwich is made with a premium white meat chicken fillet generously breaded with homemade seasoning, and carefully layered with Monterey Jack with jalapeño cheese, crispy bacon, spicy slices of jalapeño peppers, our secret ANGRY sauce, crispy battered ANGRY onions, fresh lettuce, mayonnaise and ripe tomatoes, all served on a toasted Artisan bun.
Mmmm, ANGRY never tasted so good! 


This page will involve me doing the investigative work, so you can decide it will be a value for you and your friends or family or not. Yes as you all know I'm a red seal Chef living in a food fun world.  This is done for part entertainment, part passion.  We will feature fast food menu items from your more popular famous franchises.  We will try to keep up with some trends and keep an eye on the product pulse of the heart of the industry. Stay tuned peeps. This is a for fun just because page. And yes I know this is only one guys opinion, take my 2 cents worth and do what you will with it so you don't waste your real cents. Chef Shawn

by chef shawn

Top Of The Food Chain Grade:
0-4.9 Bad/Mediocre
5-13.9 Average
14-17.9 Decent
18-23.9 Good
24-29.9 Very Good
30-36.9 Exceptional
37-40  TOTFC Legit HOF

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This is a McDonald's Canada menu item. I was pumped to give this one a whirl for the fact I'm a huge fan of the McChicken® sandwich. The combination of all the flavours together surprisingly complimented each other. I was somewhat doubtful before I even tried the first bite. It's like the original has a half sibling in the fast food chicken sandwich world. Once I got into the third bite, I was getting more and more convinced that this wasn't a bad thing.If you are a plain simplicity purist this probably won't impress you.

Let's start off with the things that needed improvement. The bun didn't have enough of the onion bits on it as I needed or expected. If you look at my actual picture slideshow, you will also see the bun wasn't evenly browned on top, which made it kind of not so appealing on the eyes.What else went wrong you ask?  The creamy pepper sauce wasn't peppery or all that creamy because it didn't have enough of it. The lettuce also needed about double of it to make an even better experience.

Now for went right on this menu item. The bun was fresh and soft and tasted half decent.  The box looked awesome. There was a nice crisp and flavour to the chicken sandwich. The hickory smoked bacon was on point and cooked perfect, and I was somewhat pleasantly surprised that they decided to do the bacon crumble option. The price was pretty much what I expected, on the higher side, but like everyone else enjoy a good deal and seem like I got value for what I spent. Now to get down to the numbers and verdict.

Taste: 7.1/10

Buy It Again: 7.1/10

Price/Value: 6.4/10

Ad vs Actual Presentation: 4.3/10


Limited time options to me are a great way to enjoy something a little familiar and the same all at once. They usually don't get too crazy with their newer options. How did they do with this one? Was it border line Psycho or just a little bit sandwich short of a picnic crazy? It was true to it's title of being ANGRY. The first thing I noticed with the first bite was the heat anger of the menu item burning my mouth, well let's face it as it should for what they were trying to accomplish. I would say compared to those buttery booby place hot wings level of heat intensity, that being a 10 level of heat, this sandwich was a 9ish give or take a bit on depending who you are and how you roll. Unfortunately it was a touch too angry on the heat for me. As each bite it got hotter and hotter I was personally getting angry and stopped and said.. WTH! And I'm a hugeeeee hot wing fan. I understand they tried to underplay and counter the heat with the sweet sauce taste, but wasn't enough for me. They should have taken maybe a creamy sweet ranch to get the creamy cutting with some fat to counter the heat level. This alone maybe has made me reconsider any other menu options they currently have as menu options like the  Angry WHOPPER® & the Angry Poutine. "Secret" Angry sauce can stay a secret in my books. The lettuce was typically what you would expect on a fast food sandwich. The jalapeno and angry onions didn't do it for me. Once again they spice level was already hot enough, they should have chopped up the jalapenos and put half on and the original BK onion rings maybe even double breaded some how would have up graded it.  The angry onions seems too soft and were shaped in onion chunk slivers and didn't work well with this. The "RIPE" tomatoes are the biggest failure of the whole item.  They were tasteless and were part white and green, on a positive note weren't mushy.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when I have to season my own tomatoes on any restaurant menu item with salt and pepper (Yes even fast food)  but that isn't to be expected in their world, why we don't demand better I'm not sure? "Artisan bun" sounds nice and all, but common we all know you are fast food and yes is was good. And you try to be all fancy with the "Artisan" thing but failed on an epic level on the wrapping with the traditional paper thing, I would and was expecting a box of some sort or a better wrapper.  the  Now what was done well! The tender crisp chicken was slightly crisp and was very tasty and comparable to other juicy well seasoned  fast food chicken options.  As for the  Monterey Jack with jalapeño cheese, crispy bacon, they were the underdog ingredients that saved the topping options. My over all questions I ask myself which is the most important would I get it again with the little money I already have? And yes, yes I would, BUT I would ask for the jalapeño slices to go away and the "secret" angry sauce to remain in their squirt bottles on the condiment highway and double the mayo. Probably a good thing this is a limited time option. I am pleased there are limited options available. I don't like it when the sandwich options get kind of boring stale so to speak. A for effort maybe a C on execution of this one menu item.

Taste: 5/10
Buy It Again: 5/10

Price/Value: 4.4/10
Ad vs Actual Presentation: 3.3/10