​​Food fun talk radio. Cooking, recipes, current food articles and news, Chef talk, restaurants, menu's and anything food in between. We welcome the left over talk around here. Brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.ca. We are located and blog talking from Thunder Bay, ON Canada, but also discuss the whole foodie world. Food is a gathering and sharing kind of experience and that is exactly what we want to give you on the show. Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and enjoy what we serve up to you. We will be hosted by a Certified Red Seal Interprovincial Chef/Cook as well as with along time kitchen worker/Cook/Current Supervisor when he decides to join in the food fights and fun. The foodie Bad Boys of Baycity keepin it real for the homies Topics Introducing BayCity, Derek Top Chef, More About Us, Halloween ""itch, Big King and other fast food talk, Getting seated by looks.

Our 2nd food show show on Blogtalkradio. In our laid back food fun forum that we will talk about anything food. This show will feature two of Chef Shawn's favourite restaurant style recipes that he made often in a fine dining local Italian restaurant, that will be featured on www.baycityfoodiefocus.ca (Baycity Foodie Focus Webzine our Facebook Fan Page) the one and only website that sponsers this twice a month radio show. Tech Rob & Chef Shawn will discuss a few current food articles and give their 2 cents. And last but not least we will talk about fall foods and any of our favourite fall time food memories. And if we have time at the end we will take a couple callers with any comments or questions about food or cooking. Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and jump in the conversation, we look forward to you listening in to our food fun. Chat room will be live for interactive food talk. Topics Sex in a parking lot, Dad says no McDonalds, Debate bartender VS mixologist, Chef's 20 minute meal Spaghetti Ala Carbonara, Fast Foods and Food Alergies. Afternoon Delight

FOOD NATION FOOD TALK RADIO EP 3 with Kary Osmond Sun Dec 1/13
The one the only BayCity Foodie Focus Celebrity Chef and her very own food brand of kitchen and food Godess and one of Chef Shawn's favourite culinary celebrities Kary Osmond has agreed to be our very first Culinary Guest. If the name rings a bell it should she was the host of CBC's Best Recipes Ever until she decided to go and do her own thing. @ www.karyosmond.com She has a few projects on the go that I'm sure she will be happy to share with us. If you enjoy food talk I'm sure you won't want to miss this show! Sitback grab your favourite snack and cold beverage, we live in Canada beer is acceptable and enjoy the show! Topics. Cooking Show Memories, Chef Interviews Kary Osmond, 

We are in the groove now, and happy to announce show Ep #4!. We will focus on those yummy Christmas Holiday foods and talk before old Santa makes his way into our homes. Our Culinary Guest is Chef Alex Cardinale from blogtalkradio's famous Chef Alex Cardinale Cooking Show. He is very passionate about cooking and baking and is presently a student in Culinary School in Springfield, Mass and hopefully will share one of his favourite Christmas Dinner Side Dish recipes with us. As always Tech Rob & Chef Shawn will chat with you guys and maybe have a few new current food articles to blab about with you guys. Thank you everyone for your continued support and making our past episodes very successful with 100's of listens so far. Happy Holidays from the BayCity Boys, sit back kick back and grab some spiked egg nog and get ready to get into that holiday spirit by getting excited about the true star of our Holidays and this very show FOOD! See you all NEXT YEAR in 2014! Don't drink and drive and enjoy your familiy and friends. Topics, Ask Chef a question, Recipe Rye bread & spicy italian sausage stuffing, Airlane No Brunch, Guest Chef Alex's Rice stuffing & Oreo Peppermint Cheesecake. 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #5. Happy 2014! Our New Years Show.  We will have a few alcoholic beverages with you guys and talk our favourite subject...food. Thank God this will only be a 30 min show, due to the alcohol content of this show. Remember everyone who listens to this one don't listen, drink and drive. We will talk a little bit about New Years resolutions. Maybe the Chef and Tech will talk a little bit about New Years style food and dining out. A radio recipe, the Chef's favourite Caesar drink mix recipe, and we will have a couple of recent food style articles to share and discuss with you girls and guys. Come get your drink and food on with us on EP #5! See you all there. Topics, New Years Show, Kary Talk, Hangover food, 2 Most talked about food, Debate Cake or Pie, Recipe Nan Edna's Shortbread Cookie & Chef's Ceaser Mix, Chef Question.

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #6 Sunday Jan 19th/14 @ 1pm brought to you by the fine folks of www.baycityfoodiefocus.comBayCity Foodie Focus Webzine We are planning on getting our Foodie on as usual. This show is for the hardcore food lovers and eaters, from fine dining to fast food to food news article and Chef Shawn's very own recipes. It's more of the same of our brand of food fun. Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and get the insights to the secret kitchen world that not many get to know about. Your hosts Chef Shawn and Tech Rob will put more rock in your roll and have fun with you all talking about food. One of the best half hours you will spend with a couple of food hardcores. Somebody call my momma, food and fun is served, come and get it. We don't know exactly where this specific show is headed or the exact agenda, but if you like a little culinary adventure come see where this food train stops or derails..... One food run away train coming your way. Chew Chewwww... Hahaha.​

Topics, Ask  Chef, SuperBowl Menu, Chef Class 101, RFecipe Slow Cooker Mac n Cheese, New Choco Chicken, Football Talk,  You Know You Worked in a Kitchen When​

Food Nation Food Talk Radio Ep #7 Sunday Feb 2/14 is Superbowl Sunday. When football meets food. We will talk a little about foodt(on purpose) ball and a little about food and everything food in between. What's your favourite Superbowl food or snacks? We will do what we do and have our food fun and food talk. This will be the last show until March, The show is brought to you by the fine folks of www.baycityfoodiefocus.com See you all soon. Food and Superbowl should make everyone happy, happy, happy.​ Topics, Recipe Vodka Pommadoro Cream Sauce, SuperBowl talk, Lighter menu Items recipe Zuccini Fries, Oven Fried Pickles, and Creamy Ranch Dressing Bonus, Our SuperBowl Menu, and a list of uses for Buffalo Chicken. Brestaurant hahahahaha

Brought to you by the fine folks from www.baycityfoodifocus.com Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #8 Hosted by a certified red seal Chef/Cook and his CoHost a long time kitchen worker/cook and current fast food kitchen Supervisor. We are back doing the radio thing after a short break. We will be doing our food talk, recipes and food fun brand. The star of the show is the food. A couple of the Chef's favourite banana loaf recipes (a coconut & Chi Tea) and his pound cake recipe will be learned as well as current food articles discussed. A certain burger food chain's firing of a single mom that helped support a local fire department.The best foods to ease anxiety. Surprising ways to cook with Greek style yogurt. And any food talk left overs. See you all soon! Topics Recipe Banana coconut & pecan loaf, Chi Tea Spice Banana Loaf, McDonalds Employee Fired for Donation, Debated, Greek Yogurt uses, Fun Facts Monster

Food Nation Food Talk Radio Ep # 9 brought to you by the fine folks of www.baycityfoodiefocus.com With your Host Chef Shawn and Co Hosts Tech Rob & Grocery Girl Jill. On this episode we will be getting Chef Shawn's Nanny (Great Grandmother's) Gault's Pound Cake Recipe. We will talk about the famous pizza delivery bit that Ellen did during her Oscar hosting gig. More facts that we refuse to believe about some food items continued fro the last episode. A questioned that was raised on a local FB Dining out group. A question was asked in the Eat, Thunder Bay FB group.. that I found to be a very interesting topic.. What does everyone think about an 'adult' oriented restaurant. Not 24/7 but days dedicated to 'people over the age of 19' only, there are days, where I want to go out and enjoy and evening, with no crying, temper tantrums and fighting (ok, so maybe I should leave my husband at home (hahaha jk)) I want to be able to spend that $100 on dinner and actually, relax. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but there are days, where you just want to... get away. Does anyone else feel the same? And If we have time Jill and Rob will give us more examples of this exact thing that does occur. And if we have time, maybe a caller or not lol, and left over talk, see you all soon. Recipes, cooking, food talk, food fun brand on Food Nation Food Talk Radio and here on these pages Show Oscar Pizza Delivery Talk, Difference between regular yogurt and greek yogurt, Great Grandmother Pound Cake recipe,, Tip, Food Facts, Fast Food Times effect behaviour

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #10 brought to you by the fine folks at www.baycityfoodiefocus.com Food Nation Co-Host gang. Food fun love is how we roll and we are very happy when we can share it with our loyal listeners and peeps. Come pull up a seat to the Chef's table and get an get your inner foodie on. See you all there!​,
Topics, Adult Restaurant Debate, On The Go Breakfast, Fake Chef Makes Reporters Eat Gross Food, Guest Wayne call in on Bo Daddy's Mac n Cheese, 10 Foods That Can Kill You, 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #11 LISTENER CALL IN SHOW!!! brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.com This show is about food and our 2nd most favourite subject, being you the listener. We will be taking callers in our all caller show! Since we seem to run out of time all the time, here is a half hour show to ask a Chef a cooking question, or ask for cooking or food tips. We also would like you the listeners to call in and share your very own favourite family recipe and or cooking tips. You can phone in to just talk about the show in general also, what you like or don't like about it. We can't wait to talk to and with you all. The cooking love will make us all warm and fuzzy. We enjoy having fun and entertaining you all with food, fun, and a little craziness which is all of our personalities. The call in number to talk and interact with us is 1-(347) 677-1646 or another option for the more shy peeps would be aska question or comment on the open interactive chat room. Break bread with us, pull up a seat to the Chef's Table and get your foodie on. Show, Ask Chef Show, Tech Rob wins a BBQ, Tip Roasted Spring Vegtables, Recipe Blue Cheese Vinegrette, Homemade Scallop Potato, Granny's Cream Corn, 7 Ways restaurants can make you sick, 

FOOD NATION FOOD TALK RADIO EP #12 brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.com Here we are again for another food fun filled food talk show. We will have the Chef's tried and true recipes as well as current food fun articles to gab about. On this show we discuss Mother's Day recipe ideas, things that anger your server, Chef Shawn's appetizer recipes from his fine dining restaurant experience, brain health foodie ideas, man sues Mc Donald's for giving him one napkin. Foodie love jam packed in a mason jar of a half hour fun. We will do our best as the Food Nation crew to keep the listeners and peeps entertained. See you all then and you are more than welcome to give us a call to speak live with us to comment about anything food related. A buffet of everything food talk is being served up, so come join us and the Chef! Show A joke, Bonanza, Mothers Day Ideas, Egg In a hole, Appricotmbasil chicken salad, Things that anger your server, Scallop recipe, with surprise end

FAST FOOD 202 Class! 15 C and no rain = our first Patio & Cold Beverage Edition..yes... come pull up a seat in the sun, our severs will be right with you! What is on todays menu of food fun you ask? Well we will be talking mostly about the fast food giant known as McDonalds and a little talk about fast food in general. Why>? Becuase almost everyone listening to this knows this brand of fast food being the fast food giant across the world or has eaten other big fast food brands. And lots of us enjoy it once in a while some more then me some less, some none at all. I will give you my tested and true recipe great fast food chicken sandwich recipe for that stay home play around in the kitchen kind of a day, based on the Chick-Fil-A Sandwich fast food franchise It is a medium level difficulty recipe. Unsettling Facts You Should Know About McDonald's Happy Meals, KFC Debuts 'Chicken Corsage', McDonald's Canada CEO calls foreign worker controversy 'bullshit', Things You Didn’t Know About The History Of Fast Food, Don't just go drive by in the drive thru, pull over and come on in the Chef and his crew are "chewing the fat" and getting our sugar, fat and salt intake for a while in the play place of food fun. Food Nation! Show, Fast food poll, History of food top 8, Recipe Chef Shawn's Chick Filet Chicken, McDonalds 5 Unsettling facts, The Chicken Corsage.

​​FOOD NATION FOOD TALK RADIO EP # 14 The Spud Tater Show: BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE FINE FOLKS OF www.baycityfoodiefocus.com Food Nation "We Celebrate Food With You" On this show we will discuss the humble starch that is a blank start for any Chef or home cooks imagination. From the restaurant french fry techniques done in those places that offer fresh cut fries to Chef Shawn's easy yummy buttermilk garlic mashed taters recipe and techniques. It makes a soul satisfying side dish to enjoy any night of the week. The host's will reveal what fry they are based on one of those for fun quizzes. 8 of our favourite ways to cook with potatoes. A potato guide to all the different kinds of potatoes and their best suited purposes. We will also tell you some of Chef Shawn's favourite ways to cook potatoes.​ ​Show, Joke, French Fry 202, 8 Favorite ways to cook potato, How to use the different potato

Food Nation Food Talk Radio #15 BBQ & Summer Time Food ( featuring 2 summer time desserts! ) This show is dedicated to the one and only BBQ grilling and summer time foods. Let's get this short summer time food fun party started. Let's kick it off with Chef Shawn's very own Summer Breeze Blueberry Crumble and another easy beauty to finish off that meal with with happy belly's a no bake Strawberry Cheese Cake. A perfect dessert to enjoy those great summer bbq nights with yourfamily and friends. We will give you several cooking ideas to char and caramelize on the old grill. We will discuss the reasons people have not to cook and how silly they are. Maybe you are into that lazy afternoon watering hole swimming picnic kind of person. We will set you up with some of those great picnic eats and treats with great ideas. Jilly will discuss a few salad toppings that are fattening, don't be fooled. If we have time at the end we will have our traditional anything goes buffet food talk or food article talk as a bonus, so don't worry it's all yo can eat.This will be one of our many (hopefully 3 total) summer time food fun shows to come. "F N We Celebrate Food With You" brought to you by www.baycityfoofdiefocus.com Show, Poll Results, Recipe Summer Blueberry Crumble, 5 Bad Excuses for not Cooking, Recipe Flank Steak Maranade 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio #16 The Hot Dog Show Here we are once again with the star of the show food getting the full attenion it deserves. Are hot dogs considered food or food parts (beaks and other parts lol)? It doesn't matter it's one of those feel good comfort foods we especially enjoy those lazy summer days on the Q. Sauced up or with toppings or condiments we all have our favourite ways of making that specially cased golden rods of meat done just the way we like it. Some may prefer smokies or sausages or what ever kind of hot dog style meats floats your boats. Nothing like a fresh baked hot dog bun just make the dog that much better. We will share topping and condiment ideas and recipes, great hot dog sides recipes and ideas. Anything else hot dog related will be talked about on this show.​ Show, Hot Dog Poll, Hot Dog Facts, Hot Dog Etiquit Tips, Recipe Grand Pappy's Bourbon Drunken Maple Baked Beans, Coney Island Sauce History, Hot Dog News, Gormet Hot Dog, Chow

Food Nation Food Talk Radio #17 Fast Food Show brought to you by www.diningthunderbay.com What can I say, we all can relate to fast food no matter what side of the fence you sit on. It was one of our more popular shows so we have decided to talk about thi subject more often. KFC has unfortunately been involved in a lot negative news lately, even when it's false accusations they made a negative into a positive. We will talk about 15 stuggles of working in the fast food industy. The Chef will whip up a few fast food style recipes that will please the whole family and your pals. Other fast food establishments will be chatted about also. We will do our best to inform and have fun with you all at the same time. Don't go threw the drive thru come on inside and pull up a plastic hard seat and let's talk fast food once again. Show website update, What's important poll, 6 Worst Social Media Disasters, Ask A Chef, Everything Shamrock Shacke, Recipe for Onion Rings, Cinabun Standoff, Pitbull Bite & KFC​​

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #18 Summer Time BBQ & Food Patio Party brought to you by www.diningthunderbay.ca Another great summer time food celebration. Chef Shawn's BBQ tips and recipes, our usual food talk and discusssion. This will be our last summer time show before a little R&R time. We will be back after Labour Day, Sunday Sept. 7th. Summer cook out mistakes that are made, more picnic ideas and recipes. We might throw in a couple of our favourite Summer time cocktails to sip on on the old deck. The infamous potato salad kick starter recipe story and more food fun as we serve it up to you. And most of ll once you are done enjoying this show, go have some summer fun and soak up some sun, drinks and great food. See you all soon. Show SummerTime Poll, Summertime cookout mistakes, Picnic Ideas and Recipes, Summertime
Coctail Recipes, Kitchen Tricks, 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #19 A Buffet of Food Talk brought to you by www.diningthunderbay.ca We are back with the summer coming to and end and we are back to "Celebrate Food With You". This will be a buffet of everyday food talk and topics for everyday kind of peeps. Recipes, food articles and every thing in between talked about by the Chef and Tech Rob and Grocery Girl Jilly the Food Nation Crew. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you. We will also be selecting a couple of ask a Chef questions to ask him on air. Chances are if most of you are wondering the answers to these cooking questions, there is a lot more peeps out there thinking it also. See you all soon enough, don't worry reservation for one (YOU) is set at the Chef's table. Let's get our food talk back on. This and that and left over food talk will combine into another flavourful epsisode to entertain all of you old and new blogtalkradio listeners. Maybe some fall food show talk? Whatever, it's all food, all good fun.​ Show, Football Talk, Poll results, Pot Pie Talk, Davinci Take Out, Ask Chef Crusty Rolls question and a Pizza Question with tips,

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #20 Potluck Talk (what ever the host(s) bring)
www.diningthunderbay.com Ep # 20 has surprises in store. What ever we talk about will even be a surprise to the other hosts. They will each bring 3 different articles or topics or recipes to gab about(pot luck style). Everyone enjoys a potluck kind of dinner, you get a little of this and a little of that. You can't lose it's a recipe for some more food fun. Just remember to make sure you save room for more laughs and food friendship shared with all the loyal listeners. Sunday SEPT 21/14 @ 1pm. Thank you all for listening "We Celebrate Food With You".​ Show Poison Tea, Fan Poll for dining in Tunder Bay,Recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte, Facebook Answer Brown Sugar over white leads to recipe for Brown Sugar some coffee talk, Game Day Snacks, Wing Talk leads to Willymares hahahahahahaha

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #21 Fall Festive Food SUNDAY OCT 5/14 at 1 pm
brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.ca Fall time food is discussed. Comfort style food is front and center when the fall harvest takes place. From slow braising and breaking out the old Dutch Oven pot again to those classic fall time enjoyed flavours. This is the Chef's fav time of year to enjoy those table side mouth watering delights. Food talk and food fun is what we are serving up nice and hot the the Chef's table.Grab your go to fall snack and beverage light a small fire (or turn the heat on) and sit back and enjoy.See you all soon!​ Show Food Poll, Pumpkin Spice 101, recipe Root Vegetable Gratin, Recipe Carmel Apple Vinnegrette, Off The Top Chef Recipe, New Emgland Clam Chowder.

Food Nation Food Talk Radio Ep #22 A little more fall food talk and more, hopefully a little fan interaction with the phone calls and or interactive chat room questions or food comments....brought to you by www.diningthunderbay.ca Fall and BOOOOOOO! Halloween and whatever else talk(buffet style).  Chef Shawn and company will be talking more about pumpkin and fall foods to start. If there is time left over it will be buffet style of anything food we decide to bring to this episode. We love you guys as much as you love us and we enjoy sharing the foodie love with you. Last half of the show the phone lines and chat room will be up and running so we can interact with everyone. Ask Chef Shawn a cooking or food or menu or restaurant question and he will try and answer them for you on air. See you all soon when you pull up a seat to the Chef's table to get your foodie on! ​Show Football talk, Halloween Candy Poll, Recipe Chimichurrie, Halloween ideas, Recipes Butter Beer, Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry Chiller and Thanksgiving Pie.

HAPPY 1st Birthday to Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #23 Happy 1st Foodie Birthday to us! Wow a year has come and gone, but here we are still celebrating food with you! Food Nation Crew will be looking back on things we have discussed over the year and what a great time we have had sharing it with you. We will also hopefully be sharing this occasion with another part time host Grocery Girl Jilly back on co hosting duties (depending on her work schedule). Stay tuned food and fun is all we serve! A help yourself mixed up talk what ever we bring to the table.(potluck style)
Show Football picks, Health Inspectors and restaurants, Tim Horton's Assaulted with blood, Special call in Happy Birthday, Website Talk and Memory from the past past year.

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #24 Fast Food Nation! Fast food talk Chef Shawn, Tech Rob, fast food. Why so many fast food shows you ask? Because so many listens for these shows. We will be doing 4-6 per year. You know what? Those are the most popular articles and the subject that gives us the most current articles to talk about. Some of you are closet fast food lovers some of us just admit it. Lovin it or not, it's a hot topic on the internet. So here we go again, I'll have the number 2 and sure super size our food talk. See you all soon, stay tuned where at "Food Nation Food Talk Radio We Celebrate Food With You"! And yes I'm ordering from Pizza Hut tonight to get my Panormous on! Deal with it, I'll die happy. Brought to you by www.thunderbaydining.com Show Weather and Football talk, Labour Violations, Best Fry Poll, Chef rules on home burgers, Recipe Golden Non Arches Nuggets, Over the top Fast Food menu Items, 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #25 Pizza brought to you by www.thunderbaydining.com When the moon hits your eye like a big PIZZA PIE! That's an episode! And party you say? Have a couple cocktails with us this show, we will! What can I say? I love the stuff, you love the stuff, stuffed or not stuffed. Even "bad pizza" to me is atleast ok pizza. Dough, cheese, and what ever else you can possibly imagine = comfort food over load. Chef Shawn makes his own thin crust, normal crust or even deep dish at home! This episode we will talk about everything and anything pizza! We will talk about Thunder Bay's favourite pizza joints from franchises to the local small mom and pos kind of places. We will discuss what is Thunder Bay's favourite pizza topping! The Chef will share a recipe or two also. Stay tuned, Food Nation Food Talk Radio We Celebrate Food With You! MMMMM Pizza.... How many slices of food fun do you want? Show, Small talk, Tip Or Not, Tips and tricks, Some Pizza Articles, Pizza Dough Recipe, 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #26 Christmas Food Nation Staff Party with Drink The hosts are having a 4 drink minimum pregame and show combined total.... This could get interesting....brought to you by www.thunderbaydining.com  Christmas Food talk as we enjoy a little Christmas cheer at the same time ( We are fond of the drink) LOL. Staff party time, yeahhh! It's that time of year, food tables are flowing with food and drink and family and friends, You are all invited to our staff party since our kitchen Brigade of readers are the backbone of our team. Chef might bring a few Christmas recipes with him as well as a few Christmas related subjects or food articles. Bring this year to the end and celebrate food with us. Our passion is what gives us joy and our ability to share that with you makes it that much bettter! Food Nation Crew wish you ALL A Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho Show Christmas Food Poll, Recipe Christmas Morning Caseroll, Holiday Ham, Nan Sykes Peanut Butter Balls Chef's Christmas Crack, Egg Nog Ideas, Things you Didn't know about Eggnog 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #27 New Year's Eve Party with Drink..Tis the Season brought to you by www.thunderbaydining.com Party time once again, the food and drink are flowing and the party has started. Another year has come and gone. Once again our new years food resolutions and if we kept them. And what kinds of foods scream New Years and New Years Eve. And what ever else we decide to share in the food world with you! Get ready for another fun filled food year with us and the star of the show, the food. Show Football Picks, Food Resulutions, New year themes, Eggnog Challenge, New year apps recipes, most popular recipe of 2014, 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #28 Potluck style...what we bring we bring This is when the hosts bring a mish mash of this and that food related talk. Just like a typical pot luck style meal. It will be a mix of recipes, current food articles and more food fun coming your way, delivered in 30 mins or it's free! We like to keep things fresh and sometimes a little bit on the fly just to see what we get in the end which we call a food fun food show. Just remember a little of this and a litle of that is what makes life so much better. See you all LIVE then. Chef Shawn Show, Thunder Bay Food Poll, Pot Luck talk, Recipe hoito Finnish Panckes, Old Restaurant Memories, Superbowl Menu Idea,

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #29 The "Breast aurant" and Football Super Show
This is about those restaurants that some love and some love to hate because of it's touchy subject, is it sexist, or does sex sell and it's ok? Wings, skimpy, form fitting outfits and wings and beer and other comfort food. That pretty much sums up this restaurant concept and model, model pun intented. See what we as the hosts that have years in the restaurant industry thnk about this kind of a restaurant. And a question if our little Canadian northern town would accept and or support one here. Stay tuned things might get as heated as the hot buffalo wing sauce....Show, Breastaurant Poll, Thunder Bay Talk, Superbowl Commdercial, Superbowl food talk, Superbowl Pantry Guide and Ideas, Wing Recipe.

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #30 Comfort Food Classics Here we are, back in culinary food full swing. Our first time with an all inclusive comfort food talk show and recipes. Those foods that bring back childhood memories and warm fuzzy feelings when you eat them again. Could be your favourite restaurant items that snack food that completes you to what Mom or Granny whipped up all day on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a Monday to Friday meal. Soul satisfying happy happy food. There are usually higher fat and calorie kind of foods on the rich side of the taste bud scale but doesn't always have to be. See you all soon Where we celebrate food with you. Articles and recipes and everything in between.

​Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #31 Ask a Chef We are asking Chef Shawn questions about cooking, eating, food, menus, and everything in between. We entertain the foodie masses for a half hour of food fun our way. Questions were pre asked on our FB fan page at Baycity Foodie Webzine either private message or on our wall. We will do our best to do what we do best, celebrate food with you. See you all there at the Chef's table. FYI you can also call in any food related questions and the Chef will do his best to answer them Show Chef Poll results, What is Quinoa, Recipe using Quinoa, What seasonal foods you find in March, What is your cullinary buzz word that is overused, What we think of Little Ceasers Bacon wrapped crust, How do restaurants set menu prics,

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #32 Buffet of Food Talk All different food subjects and recipes and articles and food news. It's a buffet of food talk. Chef Shawn and Tech Rob love entertaining the culinary lover masses with some more food and fun. This and that will be talked about with a little more of a dash of that. All we know this show is always a recipe for success. Come join us and fly your foodie flag proud, we will see you all there. Food and fun is all we serve. ​Show, Poll Question results, What is a corn nut, Mind blowing ways to eat chips, Restaurant menu tricks to make you spend more, Things you have to explain to people that never worked in a kitchen, Recipe Apple mustard glazed ham.

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #33 Fast Food Talk Fast food are two bad words now a days. There are the ones that shame people and then others openly eat it and others hide in shame and are closet eaters. It is what it is and always seem to be at the fore front of top food news talk on the radio and on tv. Tech Rob and Chef Shawn are ok with the fast food business and enjoy some of their menu items. Love it or hate it you usually have something to say about it either way. Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and let's get this talk started. Maybe a Chef's fast food recipe or two, food articles and what ever we decide to bring up to the drive thru. Super size us and join in, we might even let you steal a few golden hot, salty, delicious, golden, fry sticks from the fast food gods off of our trays. See you all soon. We celebrate food with you! Oh by the way bring extra napkins. ​Show, America's least favorite fast food, KFC serves a deep fried towel, Why you never see Ronald McDonald eating fast food, Wendy's build your own sandwich program, What is fast casual, A worker was forced to work sick and leter fired, 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #34 Restaurant Management Horror Stories That’ll Make You Want To Quit Your Job How Your Favorite Restaurant Went From Hotspot to Failure Hooters Waitress Fired for Dyeing Her Hair Wins Discrimination Suit Raising Beef Prices and what the restaurants will be doing 2015 Restaurant trends Food and fun is all we will be serving. A little behind the scenes action will be discussed and talked about. We love sharing our behind the closed doors restaurant industry knowledge with all out our listeners. You culinary complete us! Stay tuned for Food Nation Food Talk Radio, where we celebrate food with you! Chef Shawn and Tech Rob once again rockin the Casbah! And yes Chef Shawn does have a 2 year College diploma in Culinary Management! Say what? Who knew? A certified Chef/Cook and a Management diploma? This will be a 202 class....  Restaurant Schools in peeps! Show, Poll Results, Restaurant horror stories, How Hotpots turn to failure, 

Food Nation EP # 35 Summer Time Grills(Girls) We are well on our way to Summer Time. Even in the great white north we enjoy our grilling and bbqing. This show will help get those great creative juices flowing and the grill pre heating. The Chef is already on bbing number 8 this year since March. We lucked out on early great weather, just enough to get this bbqing season going early. We hope our fun food talk and recipes and passion will inspire you to get your summer time grill on. Food Nation Food Talk Radio "We Celebrate Food With you" Show, Happy Birthday Tech Rob, Best BBQ Chicken recipes and tips, Summer grilling hot dog ideas with recipes, 

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP # 36 Potluck Style (this & that) Chef Shawn and Tech Rob are going to each bring food topics to our Chef's Table. Much like you would at a potluck style meal, we don't know what the other one is bringing. So this is a lightly organized, take us where we go kind of food for thought episode. It could be articles, recipes or what ever topic of food we discuss. We can't wait to get this show served up hot to you. Food and Fun is all we serve! Stay tuned our peeps. Brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.com Show, A product review, Poato salad recipe, 5 reasons a restaurant fails, Food Shows the Chef watches, Unfortunate truths that will make you think twice about eating.

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #37 MMM Mexican & Tex Mex  What can I say, Chef Shawn's nuber one passion in the food category is MEXICAN food. First Mexican then comfort food. I love all the fresh bold yummy flavours that make my life a fiesta. Tech Rob and Chef Shawn use to make a 4 hour drive just to enjoy the Mexican food restaurant chain Chi Chi's. Well ok that was 50% of ofriedur reason for that trip. What an amazing fun place, too bad it had it's fall from grace. We have some great recipes to share with you all and yes his very own FRIED ICE CREAM RECIPE! Our very first Mexican radio show and the not so Mexican fried ice cream recipe is shared!!!! What we consider Mexican food is Americanized and Canadianized somewhat.... We all know they don't eat authentic fried ice cream, but we sure do. Food Nation Food Talk Radio "Where We Celebrate Food With You".... Your table is reserved! ​Show, Difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican food, Iconic mexican dishes anyone can
make, Avocado Taco with pineapple cucumber salsa recipe, Fried Ice Cream recipe

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #38 Food News Show brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.com This radio show episode will talk about..... Pregnant Woman Orders McDouble Gets McMaryJane Instead........Cars Made Of Ketchup Make Us Hungry For The Future...........Year-Old Boy Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Violating 'Gentleman's Dress Code.............Burger Joint Ransacked By Naked Thieves .........Man Attempts to Murder Roommate Over Cookie Breakfast.........Wanted Man Enters Police Doughnut-Eating Competition............ and maybe more if we have time! The food news category just keeps on giving to us. We have that one thing in common no matter who we are, our relationship with food and how it makes our world go around. We hope to food entertain you one more time. Show, The McMary Jane, Cars made of ketchup, Blueberry Pudding, Ninja Turtle Shirt Violates dress code, Naked vandals, Attempted murder over cookies for breakfast, Doughnut eating contest, New hot dog eatting champ, a new 1/4 pounder

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #38 Food News Show brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.com This radio show episode will talk about..... Pregnant Woman Orders McDouble Gets McMaryJane Instead........Cars Made Of Ketchup Make Us Hungry For The Future...........Year-Old Boy Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Violating 'Gentleman's Dress Code.............Burger Joint Ransacked By Naked Thieves .........Man Attempts to Murder Roommate Over Cookie Breakfast.........Wanted Man Enters Police Doughnut-Eating Competition............ and maybe more if we have time! The food news category just keeps on giving to us. We have that one thing in common no matter who we are, our relationship with food and how it makes our world go around. We hope to food entertain you one more time. Show, The McMary Jane, Cars made of ketchup, Blueberry Pudding, Ninja Turtle Shirt Violates dress code, Naked vandals, Attempted murder over cookies for breakfast, Doughnut eating contest, New hot dog eatting champ, a new 1/4 pounder

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #39 Mc Donald's Show We are talking about the one the only infamously famous, Mc Donalds. Thet are constantly in the food news machine, especially lately since the company's profits have been on the decline the last 5 years. Bad PR always makes companies scramble to try ad get things right with the customers once again. Is it too late? Or can they tie up the old clown shoes they have been tripping on? On this show.... The 10 Unhealthiest Items on the McDonald’s Menu.....Top 10 Reasons why eating at Mc D's might be a bad idea after 25 years......McDonald’s HQ Evacuated after Suspicious Package Scare ......... McDonald’s Hires Ex-MythBuster to Improve Self-Image........McDonald's Is Still Very Cheap, But People Don't Want To Eat There.......McDonald's May Be Adding Kale -- Yes, Kale! -- To Menus...... Pull up a seat to the Chef's table to get your food talk on, see you there!

Food Nation Food Talk Radio #40 Tech Rob Takeover Tech Rob is taking over the airwaves on our food fun show. Writing , hosting and producing duties. He is making us a Southern Food Rebel show! Boss Hogg would be proud. From US southern states comfort food to slappin your momma because it's so good kind of food. We will feed you like our guests, not your docs. Full on feel good Sothern states food. Food Nation food Talk Radio Where We Celebrate Food with you. Boars Nest beware.... This one is going to take a few cold ones and more than a few wet naps to clean up these tables after! Tech Rob will entertain the masses and Chef Shawn is along for the bright orange rebel flagged car jump off the deep end Show, Small Talk Hulk Hogan, List of southern foods you must try, Fried Chicken recipe and tips, List of Southern desserts, Chef Shawn's easy Red Velvet Cake recipe, Food truck gets burned to the ground Chef Shawn fires up Tech Rob to end show.

Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #41 The Sandwhich www.diningthunderbay.com

We are celebrating the humble but heroric sandwich. What ever you use as the bun and toppings and the filler, I'm sure are your regular go to snacks or meals. Our very first sandwich show for all of our peeps to enjoy. From subs to your local fast food place has sandwich style options on all of their menus even including burgers in that category. We will discuss some of your favs and not so much fav options. Food Nation Food Talk Radio We Celebrate Food With You! Chef Shawn and Tech Rob are ready to talk with you! ​Show, Work Sandwiches that are not sadwiches, Underated Chef Topping recipe, Pickle Talk, Surprising origins of iconic sandwiches, An extended hilarious ending OT

Food Fun Nation #42 Not knowing what the other one is bringing (Potluck Style)
brought to you by us @ www.foodfunnation.com We are back from a small summer break. We will talk about our new domain names and where we are headed in the near future on our website. New name, same old us with hopefully some newer twists without being stuck with a local bran name. Food is International love and we are going North american wide now! Food Nation Food Talk Radio on blogtalkradio is now Food Fun Nation on blogtalkradio......... Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and let's all dig into this next episode. Certified Chef hosted as well as current fast food kitchen Supervisor co hosted...... We know our stuff (From what we know lol)....Show, Intro of new direction welcome Food Fun Nation Footbal talk, Uses for leftovers, Spices and their health benifits, recipe for easy Yankee Dumplins, Southern beverages,

Food Fun Nation #43 Pizza Party Time The Chef and the Tech will discuss pizza and everything that involves. We will be live, drooling over the thought of a delicious slice of happiness or two or three. What are our favorite toppings which ones are the most popular as well as maybe a pizza news story or two...maybe a recipe or two, stay tuned to find out. We want to entertain all of our listeners with our brand of laid back, not so serious food talk.Show,Top 10 pizza toppings, Chef's Chicken Parm, Grandma Pie,

Pizza Hut Dessert filled crust.

Food Fun Nation EP #44 Buffet Style.... this and that... What ever we found interesting in the cooking and food world we are sharing with you in our relaxed fun food format.Food talking talking food!  What can I say? We do what we do and you all keep on stopping by, supporting us. We are ending season 2 on this episde. 2 seasons come and gone already? Who knew? See you all there.... We celebrate food with you! Stay tuned for a whole new season..... Will there be a 4th season? Not sure? We are taking it one season at a time...Show,Season finale dedication to Tech Rob's brother Randy James, Hooters Waitress donates Kidney, KFC China 8 Legged chickens, Salsa 101, Marylin Manson gets clocked, Tallywackers gets a longer 

#45 Birthday Show We will be doing our thanngggg, talking food and food fun with maybe a few tried and tested recipes for all the listeners and Food Fun Nation's Fan page peeps. We are www.foodfunnation.com, that is what we do! This gives us a terrific forum to connect with everyone who wants to connect with us. We are the kind of guys you would want to sit back and graba beer or cocktail with and listen to our sometimes silliness of where the topics head and our sarcastic, funny comments. Show, 

Chef Recipes, Crabcake sliders, Burger King Halloween Black Bun Whopper, Tech Rob makes Sunday gravy recipe 

#46 Fast Food. We are doing another popular fast food show. Love it or hate it, it's out there and people are talking about it. The Chef and Tech are getting there food talk on with fast food. We are glad you enjoy all of our shows as much as we do. Sit back, come threw our drive thru and play in our food play place of fun..lol. So stay tuned for more food fun and come on by and like our Food Fun Nation Facebook Fan Page. Show, McWhopper BK tries to call truce for peace day, McDonalds drops chicken farm, You can't copyright a chicken sandwich, OT talk.

Food Fun Nation EP #47 Celeb Grub Tech Rob is high jacking the show with full support of the Chef. He has decided to make a show that celebrates food and those celbs that made it famous. Eating the foods or selling it in their own brand of restaurant and what makes it so much fun. Tech Rob produced, wrote and hosted this one with the Chef doing Side Kick duties just along for the ride with all the blog talk listeners and our Food Nation Fun FB Fan Page fans. .....Stay tuned... We Celebrate Food With You!!!

​Show, The peanut butter sandwich made famous by Elvis Presley and his diet, Celebs name their babies after food, Chef's surprise topic about Jon Bon Jovi.

Christmas/New Years part 1 brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com On  this episode.... Part 1 of our Christmas and New Years, radio show. Food Fun Nation's Chef has been busy like a little elf, whipping up and finding some of his very own best Christmas recipes, which are some of his faourite childhood memories. We can't wait to share some of this special, magical time with all of you. RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES..... We Celebrate Food With You! Stay tuned! Oh and as a bonus he shares some of the best of the best of his infamous holiday drink recipes..... For all those that like to entertain during the holidays, you won't want to miss this one! Show Recipe Nans Peanut Butter Balls, Egg Nog recipe, Cape Cod Spritzer, Minced Meat Pie, Pogo mix Recipe.

Christmas and New Years show part 2! We love celebrating everything with food related stuff, but what better time than the Christmas and New Years foods. Food and Fun is what we are cooking on our website www.foodfunnation.com Food Fun Nation Radio Where we Celebrate Food With You! Come grab a glass of eggnog and have some food talk fun with a REAL CERTIFIED RED SEAL CHEF/COOK..... He knows what he is talking about(well most of the time anyways lol) and Tech Rob the current fast food supervisor..... Our years of being in the industry and all the Chef has learned makes this radio show the food and cooking show to listen too. Stay tuned! Show, Simple tricks to the best gravy, Homemade Irish Cream, Simple Time Saving Ideas, Leftover recipes

#50 Buffet Talk Show. Here we are after Christmas and on our way to another food fun filled episode of Food Fun Nation radio.. We Celebrate Food With You....on this show...We have pizza talk.. Mountain Dew Wings Sauce...Grocers across Ontario now selling beer... the dirtiest places in grocery store or super markets. Food and fun talk with the Chef and his Fast Food Kitchen supervisor Side kick Tech Rob..... We will be keeping it casual and laid back like always and you never know where our food talk will take us. Show, Mountain Dew wing sauce, Maddy cohosts 

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