Author of "Smoke, Bacon, and Booze" Releasing September 6, 2014 from Split Tree Publishing 2013 Winner of Top Chef Thunder Bay Bio. After working in a few smaller food operations, Derek started his career in 2001 when he began apprenticing under Chef Raymond Nadeau, then Executive Chef of the Airlane Hotel. During the time of his apprenticeship he attained diplomas in both, Culinary Management from Confederation College and Advanced Chef Training at George Brown in Toronto. He attained his Journeyman’s Red Seal in 2007 and has held Sous Chef and Head Chef Positions at the Norwester Hotel, White Fox Inn and Windigo Catering at Musselwhite Mine. During this time he guest judged many episodes of Season 8 of “Cooking with the Wolfman” airing nationally on APTN. He came on board the team as Head Chef at The Foundry in February, 2012 and along with Owner/Proprietor Dane Newbold and Front of House Manager Joshua Dowbak, helped to guide the restaurant during the opening process which was completed in July of this 2012. In November 2013, the Culinary Team from The Foundry was fortunate to take the title of Top Chef Thunder Bay 2013 amongst very stiff competition. In September 2014 his very first cookbook will be published by Split Tree Publishing, entitled “Smoke, Bacon and Booze”

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​ EVOLUTION OF TASTITUDE is a brand made famous for it’s focus on fresh and local flavours and a combination of taste and attitude...what we call Tastitude Long Description . Welcome to the Evolution of TASTITUDE, the regions definitive destination for all things delicious! Everything from local food news and recipes to restaurant listings and videos. It is the perfect resource for those just starting to discover their tastebuds, the seasoned foodie and even the industry professional. Richard “Chef House” Moorey is an award winning, certified red seal chef in Thunder Bay. Chef House has won Gold and Silver medals in competition, Judges and People’s choice awards, commendations of excellence and been recognized by society’s, clubs and community groups for his charitable efforts.

​Nostalgic, retro foodie fun page. Commercials, food or beverage products from the past that are still with us or still with us or gone. 2000 or earlier.

​THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO PROMOTE OUR WONDERFUL THUNDER BAY DINING!! Share your personal experiences, tips, concerns, suggestions and favourite foods! POSITIVE & NEGATIVE ARE WELCOME smile emoticon Please be careful with your harsh honest opinions; it is a small community. 1 mistake can ruin a business through word of mouth. Be prepared for a differing defending opinion. What better way to find out what's on the menu, who enjoyed where, what place might need to check what’s really going on in their own establishment, great servers, and finding those little tucked away gems that you always hear people talking about, yet never know where they are. It is a restaurateur’s responsibility to deal with feedback; good or bad. Just as they would when dealt with face to face. So post away!!! : ) PLEASE INVITE your friends, family, etc to this page to read others' opinions or post their own. The more, the merrier!! CHEERS,

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